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Beatty Honey

Autumn Gold Honey

Autumn Gold Honey

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Uncover the unique flavor of Autumn Gold Honey, a sweet, complex honey made from the nectar of wildflowers. Harvested seasonally for an exceptional flavor, this golden-hued honey is a unique treat!

Beatty's Autumn Gold Honey is renowned for its full-bodied amber hue and characteristic caramel hints. A combination of wildflower honey and nectar sourced from the same bees, this delightful treat sets itself apart only by the time of year during which it's harvested.

Autumn Gold is made from nectar of plants that bloom in the late summer and early fall such as Goldenrod and Ragweed.   

Autumn Gold is often used for making sauces or as the base for a richly flavoured honey garlic spread.  Creamed Autumn Gold honey is a rad addition to any piece of the toast!

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