We are located in the Historic Village of Merrickville - The Jewel of The Rideau

We have been serving the Ontario community for over thirty years offering premium honeys, pollen, beeswax, and propolis while building community awareness of the fragile nature of the honeybee.

Honey Harvest @ Beattys

Harvesting honey from the hive is performed once, twice, and sometimes three times beginning mid-summer and into the fall. Care is given to ensure the honeybees have enough to continue raising new breed and storage for the winter months.

Teaching Our Children: Change Fear to Fascination

Most children have an aversion to honeybees and wasps/hornets. A honeybee will sting once then dies. A honeybee will only sting if it is threatened or its hive is threatened. Working with honeybees for over 30 years, I have found this to be almost always the case.

Educating children and their families about the value of the honeybee and the marvel of these creatures has been a very rewarding experience.

I have watched as these bee-wise kids, some as young as 5, excitedly expound their knowledge of honeybees to their classmates.

So, next time you and your child come across a honeybee, stop and check it out. These little creatures fly up to 30 miles a day to collect the nectar that goes into your honey and they pollinate 1/3 of all the fruit and vegetables we eat. Very cool!



Beatty's Autumn Gold Honey is the "Secret Ingredient".

"My honey BIscotti cookies don't taste the same without your Autumn Gold Honey. I have tried 2 other local varieties and they don't do them justice!"

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"A Great Experience"

"I ordered honey from Rick for my engagement party and everyone loved it! He was so accommodating and friendly."

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"Super Sweet"

"The honey is absolutely amazing, the bottles are super cute, and Rick is so kind, compassionate, and easy-going. Would love to work with them again!"

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