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Beatty Honey

Summer Wildflower Honey

Summer Wildflower Honey

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With a perfectly balanced sweetness and a complex flavor profile, this high-quality honey is ideal for sweetening tea and baked goods. Each batch is carefully made with pure, raw honey from wild flowering plants and trees, including alfalfa, red and white clover, wild strawberries, wild blackberries, dandelion, apple, and lilac blossoms.

The taste, color, and composition of this honey varies depending on the predominant variety of flowers in bloom and specific weather conditions. We take pride in offering this single-source honey, without mixing it with other honeys, so our customers can truly experience the essence of each season and year. As the most popular choice,

Summer Wildflower Honey is a great gift for weddings, showers, and other special occasions. 

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Customer Reviews

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Summer wildflower honey

Love the products and service with a smile

Pat & Tom Damianopolis
summer wildflower honey

excellent honey and service

Wildflower Honey Amazing

The honey is amazing! I love it. If I had to make one complaint I would say that it’s a little runnier then others I’ve boughten, so you have to be quick when spooning it out, but that wouldn’t stop me from buying it. I would rather that then crystallized and hard. I will continue to buy honey there! The owner is very professional and quick to email back!