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Beatty Honey

1 Pound Blocks of Raw Beeswax

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Our beeswax is processed from the cappings of the beeswax cells extracted when processing honey.   This has two benefits:  First, using the new cappings minimizes impurities embedded in the beeswax which happens with aging beeswax in honeybee hives.  Secondly, it is a practice to help ensure honeybee sustainability as it is non-disruptive to the daily process around the honeybee colony's activities of creating and rearing the new generation of honeybees. 

We extract the beeswax and double filter it into a very clean product while keeping it's natural colour.  This makes it ideal as an ingredient for creating cosmetics and for hobbyists alike.   There are no additive mediums or ingredients as found in some other beeswax. It is 100% Ontario raw beeswax.