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Beatty Honey

Beatty's Really, Really, Hot Sh:te

Beatty's Really, Really, Hot Sh:te

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A combination of Beatty Honey, citrus - passionfruit, lemon, and papaya, cayenne pepper, red pepper, and chilies creates a pleasantly slow and intense heat. Did you know that papaya is renowned for its ability to tenderize meat and provide antioxidants? In fact, papaya is the fastest-absorbing source of antioxidants among all fruits and vegetables. The name of this sauce was chosen by my in-laws, as it finally satisfied their flame-loving palates. Each batch is carefully crafted, resulting in a unique yet consistent taste from the highest quality natural ingredients. Packed in a 500g plastic squeeze bottle that won't drip. It's equivalent to 12 ounces for those who prefer imperial measurements.


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